Do You Like TaylorMade R7 XR Driver?

Published: 29th December 2010
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Whether you are looking for a good golf clubs? Today, I will recommend you a club. It is one of the rarest drivers in the US--- TaylorMade R7 XR Driver.This is a Japan only release and is considered by TaylorMade Japan to be their "Super Premium" driver.

It’s about organising time and practice properly, recording stats and using those to plan practice for the future. We also focus on concentration, pre-shot routines and between-shot routines and work on putting and how to handle pressure.

Everything about The TaylorMade R7 XR Driver screams Luxury. The US release TaylorMades have NOTHING on this BOMBER. The aesthetics of this driver are for those with the finest taste. The gold "XR" on the sole looks like TaylorMade R7 XR Driver came from a jewelry store.

The look of the Taylor Made R7 driver is amazing too. The crown of the driver is black with a small ‘T’ for alignment. The outer sole is black as well excepting a yellow colored stripe running down the lower edge of the Taylor Made R7 driver. In the middle, the sole is a silver/ gray color with a large r7 Draw imprinted on it. The weight of the club is lesser too and it feels much lighter when compared to other drivers.

A combination of closed face and heel weighting has made this possible. The center of gravity is moved nearer to the shaft with keeping an open area in the toe of the club and shifting the weight to the heel. Leaving the club face open results in slicing, this is reduced due to the closed club face on the Taylor Made R7 driver.

The geometric driver has a much better feel and sound than most drivers. However, the main reason you must consider the TaylorMade R7 XR Driver is the movable weight technology used offering the same 3 movable weights that was used in the CGB max driver by Taylor Made. This allows you to move around the weights and get as much as 35 yard change in left right tendency.

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