Why I Like Ping I Series B60 Putter Black Dot?

Published: 07th February 2011
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From the new i-Series and Karsten models to the traditional Anser, there's a Ping putter that can help you save strokes on the green. Each putter is designed to be custom fit to your individual putting stroke.

The two new series represent the latest advancements in feel, forgiveness and alignment options. The i-Series features a 2-piece insert for improved feel and control. The Karsten Series provides steel-face feedback with an elastomer cavity insert for added feel. The Redwood models are 100% milled from 303 stainless steel for players who seek the performance of machined putter technology.

This new putter also has an updated composite AGSI face insert as well, that is said to promote a significant increase in the amount of forward spin compared to the previous Titallium alloy insert used on the original Monza Spider. The new insert, composed of carbon fiber and resin (much like materials found in graphite shafts), improves upon the previous insert by flexing and holding the ball in its grooves more effectively at impact, and producing that increase in forward spin that was mentioned earlier.

The pursuit of enhanced feel with proven weighting properties resulted in the creation of the I Series Putter. The two-piece insert combines a urethane insert and face applique to produce a firm response with a soft feel.

Another fundamental improvement is the new crown design, which ditches the busy "basketball court" alignment aid found on the old model in favor of a thin, silver layer of steel with a single black alignment aid that is a stark contrast to the black PVD finish of the surrounding steel frame.

In the long run, they figured out how to achieve what their players were asking for. By using a lighter material for the central core of the putter head, while using a denser material in the wings, they could prevent the loss of a significant amount of MOI while giving players an appearance closer to what they wanted.

Because of that, there wasn't much regard to the aesthetic qualities of the putter. While a lot of players enjoyed success with the original, they also weren't quite as happy with the appearance. In fact, this new generation of putter is even reflected in it's name.

In a word, Ping I Series B60 Putter Black Dot is available in center-shafted, heel-shafted, and jumbo models for right handed players, while lefties only get the option of a heel shafted model.

More information at http://www.golfsaleshop.com/goods-921 -Ping+I+Series+B60+Putter+Black+Dot.html

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